Jefrey Au-Go-Go


Before one proceeds thou should know- This bio is meant ONLY to be read in a very Humphrey “Detective” Bogart manner, perhaps with a flash light below ones chin(s):

It’s was during one dark doggie of a day I was cornered into my very first stint babysitting. She was dour dame with a lovely but lonely look in her eyes that said ‘You are the last, make that the very, last resort.’ I liked her style. The child in question? We’ll call him Jackie-boy-Roy, having a mere 3 years under his belt and yet in this battle of wits I was no match. By blood he was my nephew, but this afternoon it was survival of the fittest with only occasional bathroom breaks. From the word go the gloves we’re off in this race against time. In a sense, it was our own ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ only, instead of right hooks and jabs, I was catching applesauce in the eye by the spoonful. Yes, there was crankiness, tears, and the boy also got upset. No punch was pulled in this battle-of-the-ages struggle-for-power and yet, over the un-rhythmic clang of pots and pans, I had a revelation; I reached for “ol’ Hail Mary,” my nick-named ukulele. Recalling the previous evenings tender yet touching episode of Downton Abbey, I dug deep into my emotional reserves to embellish Maggie Smith’s esoteric accent. To my surprise the toddler crumbled like crumb cake on a crumbing night, eventually succumbing to the master of all, that of “the sleepy zzzz’s.” When Mama Bear returned home she found the little tigerpaw asleep without a trace of pudding or tears on his chubby-than-thou cheeks. She didn’t say it then but I know she was #impressed.


My hope is when you put this record on the silliness of those first perplexing words of “Peter the Pushy Puppy” brings a smile to your face. I adore my nephew and when we lived in Australia, my wife will tell you, I was constantly on the hunt to find anything to make him laugh. Each song here started as an idea in the wake of that inspiration. I hope it puts a smile on your face too!

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